49th Illinois Corn Breeders School Proceedings

Dr. Jonathan Lynch, Penn State University
Root Traits for Enhanced Nitrogen and Water Acquisition in Maize

Mr. Jeff Habben, DuPont Pioneer
Drought Tolerance Research in Maize

Ms. Karla Smieja, Syngenta Corn R&D
Syngenta's Water Optimization Technologies

Mr. Jean-Marcel Ribaut, Generation Challenge Programme (GCP)
Understanding Drought Tolerance to Best Breed for It: How Far Do We Go?

Dr. Shizhong Xu, University of California
An Infinitesimal Model for Genomic Selection

Mr. Jose Osorio, AgReliant Genetics
Integration of Genomic Selection into Hybrid Maize Breeding Schemes

Dr. Peter Bradbury, USDA(ARS) and Cornell University
Applying Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) to Corn Genetics and Breeding

Dr. Christian Riedelsheimer, University of Hohenheim
Genomic Prediction in Maize: From Diverse Collections to Single-Cross Hybrids
Presentation Slides

Ms. Christine Lucas, University of Illinois
Investigating the Regulation of Grain Protein Concentration in the IPSRIs: Precision Phenotyping using Fluorescent Promoter Reporter Transgene Expression

Mr. William Kirk, DuPont Pioneer
Can Corn Deliver?

Dr. Mark Mikel, University of Illinois
Application of PVP and Patent Information to Understand Composition and Diversity of Maize Germplasm

Mr. Ty Barten, Monsanto Company
Evaluation of Plant Density and Row Spacing to Optimize Hybrid Performance

Dr. Jason Haegele, University of Illinois
Genetic and Agronomic Approaches for Improving Corn Nitrogen Use and Productivity

Mr. Tim Cupka, AgReliant Genetics
Making the Most of Double Haploid Breeding in Line Development