47th Illinois Corn Breeders School Proceedings

Dr. Richard Johnson, University of Illinois
Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Dr. Paula McSteen, University of Missouri Columbia
Inflorescence Development: The Basis of Maize Productivity

Dr. Patrick Brown, University of Illinois
Inflorescence QTL, Canalization, and Selectable Cryptic Variation

Dr. Lauren McIntyre, University of Florida
Direct Mapping of Response to Plant Density

Dr. Jode Edwards, USDA (ARS), Ames IA
Inheritance of Adaptation to High Plant Density in Iowa Stiff Stalk Synthetic

Dr. Chris Boomsma, Dow AgroSciences
Resource Availability and Plant-to-Plant Competition in Maize: Implications
for 21st Century Maize Genetic and Agronomic Improvement

Dr. Kess Berg, Monsanto
Prediction Models for Determination of Optimum Planting Rates

Dr. Larry Hendrickson, John Deere
Agronomic Management for Optimizing Corn Yield

Dr. Jay Boddu, University of Illinois
Genomic Approaches to Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Ms. Joana Novais, University of Illinois
High Throughput Phenotyping of Roots

Dr. Elizabeth Kellogg, University of Missouri St. Louis
Evolution of the Grasses: The Foundation of Crop Productivity

Dr. Andrea Eveland, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Expression Profiling of Inflorescence Development by Transcript Sequencing

Dr. Richard Johnson, University of Illinois
Ear Shoot Meristem Transcript Abundance and Grain Yield

Dr. Mei Guo, Pioneer HiBred
Cell Number Control and Plant Organ Size: Implications for Crop Improvement and Heterosis

Dr. Steve Goff, University of Arizona
Research into the Phenomenon of Heterosis