45th Illinois Corn Breeders School Proceedings

Rita Mumm (University of Illinois, Crop Sciences)
Foundational Aspects of 21st Century Crop Improvement: Biotechnology, Genomic Applications, and Traditional Breeding Practices

Vipula Shukla (DOW-DAS)
Precise Genome Modification in Maize Using Zinc-Finger Nucleases

Shawn Carlson (Chromatin, Inc.)
Mini-Chromosomes and Their Use in Corn Improvement

Guri Johal (Purdue University)
MAGIC: A Genetic Strategy for Discovering and Harnessing Natural Allele Variants for Trait Manipulation

Thomas Luebberstedt (Iowa State University)
Development and Application of Functional Markers

Mark Cooper (Pioneer)
Breeding for Drought Tolerance

Warren Kruger (Monsanto)
Breeding and Modern Genomic Tool Integration

Sofia Silva (University of Illinois, Crop Sciences)
Assessing Novel Genes Associated with Starch Content in Maize through Transcript Profiling Analysis

Catherine Bermudez Kandianis (University of Illinois, Crop Sciences)
Translating Biochemistry to Breeding for High Carotenoid Traits in Maize

Dave Mies (Syngenta)
Current Trends in Corn Production and the Seed Corn Industry in China

Rod Weinzierl (Illinois Corn Growers Association)
Does Corn Win or Lose in Greenhouse Gas Legislation?

After Dinner Talk - May Berenbaum (University of Illinois, Department of Entomology)

Kent Eskridge (University of Nebraska)
Field Trial Designs in Plant Breeding 

Graziana Taramino (DuPont) 
Forward Genetic Approaches for Identifying Genes Controlling Root Architecture in Maize

Andrew Hauck (University of Illinois, Crop Sciences)
Quantitative Genetics at the Molecular Level: A Root Metabolomics Case Study

Frank Hochholdinger (University of Tuebingen, Germany)
Research in the German Priority Program: Heterosis in Plants

Forrest Troyer  (University of Illinois, Crop Sciences)
Heterosis Decreasing in Hybrids: Yield Test Inbreds

John Dudley (University of Illinois, Crop Sciences)
Epistasis and Improved Prediction of Performance in Corn

Bruce Hibbard (USDA-ARS, University of Missouri)
Rootworm Management with Genetically Modified Corn: Current Status, Potential for Resistance, and a Look Toward the Future