48th Illinois Corn Breeders School Proceedings

Dr. Richard Johnson, University of Illinois
Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Dr. Ed Buckler, USDA(ARS) and Cornell University
The 55K SNP Chip and V2 HapMap

Dr. Doreen Ware, USDA(ARS) and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Data Resources for Genomic and Functional Analysis

Dr. Carson Andorf, USDA(ARS) and Iowa State University
The New Maize Genome Data Base

Dr. Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, University of California at Davis
Genome-Wide View of Breeding History and Selection in North American Maize

Mr. Xiaochun Sun, University of Illlinois
Genomics-based prediction of performance of quantitative traits involving epistasis using a nonparametric method

Mr. Wesley Barber, University of Illlinois
Variation Among Lines and Hybrids with Regard to Small RNAs Associated with Repetitive DNA

Dr. Shawn Kaepler, University of Wisconsin
Genomic Analysis of Seed Weight in Maize

Dr. Pat Schnable, Iowa State University
Contribution of Non-Allelic Homologues to Transgressive Segregation in Genomic Content: Significance and Possible Applications in Breeding

Dr. Mark Settles, University of Florida
Complex Phenotype Analysis by Means of Machine and Computation

Dr. Ron Phillips, University of Minnesota
Good Science in Maize Breeding and Genetics: Is Serendipity Involved?

Dr. Seth Murray, Texas A&M University
Schemes for Efficient Realization of Effective Recombination Events to Enhance Breeding Progress

Dr. Aaron Lorenz, University of Nebraska
Marker-Based Selection on STeroids: Optimization of Genomic Selection for Plant Breeding

Dr. Candice Gardner, USDA(ARS) and Iowa State University
Maize Diversification by Capturing Useful Alleles from Exotic Germplasm

Dr. Marcelo Carena, North Dakota State University
Increasing Genetic Diversity with Exotic Germplasm