46th Illinois Corn Breeders School Proceedings

Jack Dekkers, Iowa State University
Fundamentals of Whole Genome Selection

Nick Lauter, Iowa State University
COGENFITO: Software to Facilitate Whole Genome Selection

Rex Bernardo, University of Minnesota
Exploiting Both Doubled Haploids and Cheap and Abundant Molecular Markers in Maize Breeding Abstract

Andres Gordillo, AgReliant
Optimum Hybrid Maize Breeding Strategies Using Doubled Haploids

Dave Onstad, University of Illinois
Seeds of Change: Can Mutant Rootworms Defeat Our Current Efforts to Control Them with Bt Corn?

Mike Gray, University of Illinois
Experimental Evaluation of Multi-Gene Insect Control Products

Dirk Benson, Syngenta
Multi-Gene Insect Control Products & Refuge Issues

Laura Higgins, Pioneer
Multi-Gene Insect Control Products & Refuge Issues

Dusty Post, Monsanto
Multi-Gene Insect Control Products & Refuge Issues

Kendall Lamkey, Iowa State University
Agronomic Innovations for Sustainable High Row Crop Productivity

Marilyn Warburton, USDA/Mississippi State University
Association Mapping of Drought Tolerance Genes

Ann Stapleton, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Genetic Architecture of Multiple-Stress Response
Table1Table 2

Lisa Ainsworth, University of Illinois
Changes in Plant Metabolism Induced by Climate Change

Mark Lawson, Monsanto
Transgenic Facilitated Drought Tolerance in Corn