43rd Illinois Corn Breeder’s School Proceedings

Matt Hudson – University of Illinois
Crop Genome Sequencing – Challenges and Opportunities for Breeding

Marilyn Warburton – CIMMYT
Application of Association Tests to Corn

Sam Eathington – Monsanto
Molecular Markers in a Commercial Breeding Program

Geoff Graham – Pioneer
Marker Enhanced Pedigree Selection

Marianne Banziger – CIMMYT
Breeding Maize, Rice and Wheat for Highly Variable Abiotic Stress Environments

Michael Luethy – Monsanto
Transgenic Approaches to Improving Drought Stress Tolerance in Maize

Sofia Silva – UI Graduate Student
Genetic and QTL Analysis of Maize Kernel Composition Traits

Eunsoo Choe – UI Graduate Student
Genetic and QTL Analysis of Pericarp Thickness and Ear Traits Related to Consumer Preference of Fresh Waxy Corn

Devin Nichols – UI Graduate Student
Factors Influencing N Accumulation in Maize Grain

Robyn Stevens – UI Graduate Student
Genetic Approaches to Enhance Provitamin A and Total Carotenoids in Maize Grain

Panel Discussion on Plant Breeding Student Education.
Torbert Rocheford – UI – Moderator
Don Blackburn – Dow
Ian Grant – Pioneer
Delmer Gross – BASF
Rita Mumm – GeneMax Services   
Ray Riley – Syngenta
Kay Simmons – USDA
Brian Diers– UI Faculty
Fred Kolb – UI Faculty
Steve Moose – UI Faculty
Devin Nichols – UI Graduate Student
Sofia Silva – UI Graduate Student

Ted Crosbie – Monsanto
The Impact of Plant Breeding on the Future of the Seed Industry

Erik Vollbrecht – Iowa State University
Genetics of Tassel and Ear Development

Tom Brutnell – Cornell University
Engineering Light Response Pathways in Crop Plants for Improved Performance under High Planting Density

Carlos Löffler – Pioneer
Environmental Classification in Maize Breeding

Paula Davis – Pioneer
Economic Impact of Western Bean Cutworm

Jode Edwards – USDA/ARS
Estimating Genotype- and Environment-Specific Heritabilities

Hans Blaschek – University of Illinois
Butanol:  A Second-Generation Biofuel